• Recruitment Research

    We assist in surfacing candidates who are not responding to traditional recruiting methods.
  • Recruitment Support

    Our recruitment support helps you meet your bottom line performance expectations quickly and efficiently.
  • Recruitment Strategy

    Our process has been refined to surface the best and brightest candidates—those not readily found on the market.

About Thorn Network

Helping Deliver The Most Qualified and Interested Candidates

At Thorn, we view each recruiting relationship as a partnership. We are an extension of the client organization—a member of your team. We know, and our clients have come to appreciate, that this philosophy is the driving force of our culture and commitment to our valued clients.

Amanda Piriano, President & Managing Director
Thorn Network, Inc. was established in 1995 by professionals who sought to refine the recruitment research process to function at its peak performance level. Since that time, Thorn has become one of the most respected and recognized recruitment research firms in the country. Aligning ourselves with your organization to truly understand your goals and culture gives us the opportunity to effectively work alongside your recruiters, delivering the best candidates you can pursue.

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