Why Thorn?

Why Thorn?

Our process has been refined over decades to effectively surface the best and brightest candidates.

Tailored Search

Each search is tailored to fit the individual needs of your company—to deliver targeted, actionable results.

Targeted Search

Thorn creates a detailed target list of companies where the top passive candidates can be found.

Lower Cost

We operate on a one-time flat fee, regardless of the number of candidates hired.

Quick Turnaround

We achieve quick turnaround time on searches and rapid delivery of candidates.

Passive Candidates

We only target the passive, most successful candidates.

Multiple Hires

We give you the latitude to hire multiple candidates at no additional cost.


We keep all searches confidential in the beginning to protect our client's brand.

Ongoing Intelligence

We deliver competitive intelligence, market data, and analytics on a weekly basis.

Five Steps to Qualified Candidates

1. Identification

First, we work in tandum with our client to establish a position profile which describes the position, the ideal candidate and key cultural and operational characteristics of the recruiting organization. We spend time up-front to develop an understanding, not just of the specific assignment, but of the clients’ organization, objectives, management requirements, and people.

2. Strategy

We collaborate with our client to establish a research strategy based on parameters and specifications outlined in the job description. At Thorn Network, we structure each research assignment to the requirements of the client's specific needs. From the start, there is a mutual understanding of the scope and direction of the assignment, including potential complications or challenges. We present this information in the form of a proposal.

3. Targeting

Thorn utilizes a methodical and disciplined approach to research targeted organizations and source passive talent. This research provides names and titles of individuals currently employed by the targeted organizations who work in the appropriate functional area.

4. Interviewing

We directly contact and interview potential candidates to establish their qualifications and interest. Thorn Network conducts telephone interviews to determine candidates qualifications as outlined in the proposal.

5. Selection

Thorn selects both completely qualified and interested candidates to be forwarded to the client in the form of a candidate profile. It is at this point that our client takes over responsibility for initiating an aggressive and proactive recruitment effort. Following the submittal of the last candidate profile, a final search summary and comprehensive end report is sent to the client.